Midway at the Forestry Australia 2021 National Conference in Launceston

Last week a number of staff from across the Midway group attended the hybrid Forestry Australia 2021 National Conference in Launceston. A big thanks go to Jinglan Wang for preparing Midway’s media package for the conference and also for her role on the conference organising committee.

Our Midway Tasmania Resource Manager, Michael Schofield, spoke at the National Conference about native regrowth thinning along with Jarrod Burn from Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT). Michael also helped facilitate the field trip day at an STT site in Cluan State Forest. Midway Tasmania is responsible for the planning and harvest management of this coupe which was also assessed for the Harvest Excellence Award of 2021 Tasmanian Timber Awards. Our harvest and haulage contractor, Orana Enterprises, has won the Harvest Excellence Award.

Midway was a proud major sponsor for the conference and was pleased to see the conference attracted a record of 453 delegates. Please see below to the Midway promotional video for the conference.