13 July 2018

Storm water management update

The capital works for improved storm water management on the Geelong site are approaching completion. The upgraded lined storage dam increases the on site storage capacity to 5Ml and is supported by upgraded pumping capacity, and generator backup power for pumps.

The project is aimed at avoiding storm water flows from the site during normal rainfalls and reusing storm water to irrigate amenity tree plantings and reduce dust from truck traffic.

4 May 2018

South West Fibre Stakeholder Consultations

South West Fibre Pty Ltd – FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 Stakeholder Consultations

South West Fibre Pty Ltd is commencing stakeholder consultations regarding the management of high conservation values (HCV) associated with its plantation wood supply and procurement activities.

We invite stakeholders that are involved with or have an interest in forest activities associated with our wood supply to offer comment or feedback in relation to:

• High Conservation Values (HCV) identification and protection, including biodiversity, soil and water values, cultural and heritage values

• controlled wood verification processes,

• control measures applied to protect HCVs

A public briefing notice and links to relevant documentation is provided here. Stakeholders are invited to give comment/feedback by 30th June 2018. Stakeholders should use the stakeholder consultation form, and send to fscenquiries@southwestfibre.com.au.

9 March 2018

Safety first for all

Midway realises that working safely is vital to the ultimate success of our organisation, and our safety obligations include our own employees and also extend to the community in which we operate.

Recently, we have upgraded the main truck exit from our North Shore facility and put in a number of safety controls to help ensure the bike riders cycling on the track around our facility are not put in harms way from trucks exiting our site. The truck passage inside our facility has been upgraded to concrete pavement at a cost of one million dollars, and regular cleaning of the pavement minimises dust and mud carryover to The Esplanade. Convex mirrors and warning signs have been added at all exit points to mitigate the risk of accidents due to blind spots.

24 November 2017

Eumeralla working unit cleans up

Bryan Brew started with Midway in 1988 as a production operator at Midway’s North Shore mill site and has recently retired after 29.5 years service with the company. Some 16 years ago Bryan formed the Eumeralla working unit as part of the Geelong Region Scouts, and the unit has conducted a regular litter clean-up program at the mill site since then. Funds from the program have been used to facilitate significant renovations to the headquarters building at the Eumeralla Scout Camp at Anglesea, and to support other worthwhile scouting projects as well as youth members. The success of the working unit has led to the program being opened up to several other scout groups over the years.

After a recent clean up in November by the Modewarre Scout Group, a local resident stopped and thanked the Scouts for the work they put in clearing the rubbish. He remarked how clean the Midway site appeared and thanked Midway and the Scouts