25 June 2020

Temporary closure of the SWF Myamyn Mill

South West Fibre (SWF) has temporarily closed the Myamyn mill in the Green Triangle north of Portland in response to a slowdown in international demand for wood fibre during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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4 March 2020

PMP Participates in Savanna Burning Program

Midway owned company, Plantation Management Partners (PMP), operate an annual savanna-burning program to prevent the risk of wildfires impacting plantation assets. The program is run in conjunction with the Tiwi Land Rangers and traditional owners. The program aims to reduce carbon emissions by conducting cool, mosaic burning to minimise the occurrence of hot, late season fires. PMP has worked closely with the Tiwi Land Rangers and researchers on studying the impact of burning practices on the island.

PMP’s annual program is completed by 31st July each year along with annual mapping of fire scars. The program typically involves grading firebreaks on Melville  island of more than 1200km each year and carrying out prescription burning of that entire boundary on an annual or bi-annual basis,  depending upon the seasonal  fuel growth and curing.

PMP and the Tiwi Land Rangers work together on fire management, including sharing resources when needed or requested. PMP also participate in the annual fire planning though representation on the Tiwi Island Weeds and Fire Management Committee, which meet twice a year.  

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2 February 2020

South West Fibre completely rejects claims of harming koalas

Media Statement

2 February 2020

South West Fibre completely rejects claims of harming koalas

South West Fibre (SWF) is aware of disturbing allegations distributed on social media regarding the death of koalas on a property near Portland, Victoria.

In October 2019, SWF was engaged by the landowner of the property to remove a number of trees in a legitimate harvesting operation approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and consistent with the SWF Koala Management Plan. Following the work the site was handed back to the landowner in November 2019. SWF left an appropriate number of ‘habitat trees’ for the existing koala population and provided details of such in a letter to the landowner noting that the koalas were uninjured and in good health.

It is understood that subsequent to SWF completing its work, the remaining trees have since been cleared. This is particularly concerning to the foresters and staff who worked assiduously to protect the koalas during the harvesting operation.   

SWF always employs proven practices with respect to protecting wildlife in forests and this commitment is recognised in various certifications held by the company.

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Rob Hadler
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