• Midway Geelong (Head Office)
    • QCE Brisbane
    • South West Fibre Portland
    • Midway Tasmania
    • Plantation Management Partners
    • Melville Island

Midway Limited

  • 19 hectares of freehold land adjacent to GeelongPort.
  • Two woodfibre mills (separate plantation and native processing facilities).
  • Three stockpiles including three reclaimers with 200,000 green metric tonnes (GMT) total capacity.
  • Capacity to process and export up to 1.8 million GMT per annum of hardwood.

Queensland Commodity Exports Pty Ltd

  • Sole woodfibre exporter from Port of Brisbane – provides geographic and marketing diversity.
  • 15 year leases on a four hectare site with the Port of Brisbane for producing, storing and loading.
  • GrainCorp provides toll ship loading.
  • 300,000 GMT per annum softwood export capacity.
  • Hardwood exports commenced in 2016. Capacity of 300,000 GMT per annum.
  • Stockpile capacity: 100,000 GMT of softwood and/or hardwood.

South West Fibre Pty Ltd

  • South West Fibre is the first plantation hardwood processing and marketing operation in the Green Triangle – provides geographic and future market diversity.
  • Myamyn – 1.2 million GMT per annum current site capacity + in-field chipping and ‘upstream’ chip and log storage.
  • 10 year x 1.2 million GMT per annum supply agreement with Australian Bluegum Plantations, signed in July 2010.
  • 51% owned Joint Venture with Mitsui.
  • Portside woodchip receival, storage and loading facilities contracted with GrainCorp.
  • 80,000 GMT woodfibre stockpile capacity.
  • Woodfibre receival capacity of 1.8 million GMT per annum.

Plantation Management Partners Pty Ltd

Melville Island

  • Plantation Management Partners Pty Ltd (PMP) provides exclusive forestry management services to the 35,000 hectare Tiwi Islands’ forestry plantation project, and provides woodchip marketing services to the project.
  • Acacia mangium woodchip exports commenced in November 2015 out of Port Melville.
  • Stockpile capacity 60,000 tonnes.
  • 400,000 GMT per annum export capacity.

Midway Tasmania Pty Ltd

  • Marketing and sales
  • NHW shipments commenced Sept 17 from Artec Pty Ltd – Chipping, stockpiling and loading facility at Bell Bay.

Plantation and Land Management

Midway manages plantations on freehold and leased land held predominantly in the Otways, Upper Goulburn and Ballarat regions of Victoria.

Through its subsidiary Plantation Management Partners, Midway manages plantations in northern Australia. Combined the group manages over 90,000 ha of plantation estate.

The company owns significant areas of freehold land and manages plantation projects under a range of ownership arrangements.

We bring over 20 years experience in softwood and hardwood plantation management covering all stages from land selection, establishment, maintenance through to harvesting.


    Logistics, Harvest and Haul

    The procurement, processing, handling, marketing and export of wood fibre is a core component of Midway’s business.

    Midway engages contractors to harvest and haul timber to processing sites, including the company owned mills and to third party facilities. We operate in compliance with timber harvesting codes of practice in the states we operate in – Vic, NSW, SA, Qld, NT and Tas.

    Midway manages all aspects of harvesting for landowners plantations, including permits and approvals, roading, harvesting and haulage.

    Contact Midway if you would like to arrange a proposal for harvesting your plantations.


      Midway Geelong


      Midway wholly owns strategic processing and export facilities in Geelong.

      Freehold site 19 hectares of land adjacent to GeelongPort.

      • Two chip mills (large and small diameter log processing lines).
      • Three stockpiles including Three reclaimers.
      • Dual gauge rail link.

      Geelong site processes and exports plantation hardwood and native hardwood woodfibre. Facility upgrade in 2007 including construction of second chipping line and additional chip reclaimers.

      • Ship loader and wharf upgrade in 2010 by GeelongPort.
      • Berth dredged in 2014.

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      QCE Brisbane


      Queensland Commodity Exports (QCE) is the main chip exporter in Queensland, located at Brisbane Port – provides geographic and market diversity.

      • Joint venture with GrainCorp (10%)
      • Leased site with the Port of Brisbane for producing, storing & loading chips.
      • Brisbane site processes and exports softwood and hardwood plantation woodchip.
      • Ship loading by GrainCorp.

      South West Fibre Portland


      South West Fibre (SWF) is the first plantation hardwood processing and marketing operation established in the Green Triangle.

      • Joint venture with Mitsui.
      • Myamyn chipmill site processes logs and provides ‘upstream’ chip and log storage. Construction of processing facility in Myamyn completed in 2009.
      • Portland stockpile – Portside chip receival, storage and loading facilities in Portland contracted with GrainCorp.
      • Stockpile capacity and chip receival capacity of up to 1.8M GMT pa.
      • Process and export hardwood plantation woodchip.
      • Ship loading by GrainCorp.

      Plantation Management Partners – Port Melville


      Plantation Management Partners (PMP) provides forest management services to the Tiwi Islands Corporation Trust (TPC)

      • PMP manages the woodchip facility and loading at Port Melville.
      • Stockpile capacity and chip receival capacity 400,000 GMT pa.
      • Port Melville site stockpiles and exports plantation woodfibre, produced by infield chipping.

      Midway Tasmania - Bell Bay


      Midway Tasmania exports plantation hardwood, plantation softwood, and regrowth hardwood thinnings woodfibre out of Bell Bay.

      • 4 ha Processing site at Norfolk St opened December 2022
      • 2ha Chip stockpile and shiploading facility on TasPorts Berth 7
      • Stockpile and processing capacity 500,000 GMT/yr

      Sales and Marketing

      • Six woodfibre products sold from four export facilities to major players in the pulp and paper industry (Plantation Hardwood – E. globulus, E. nitens and E. grandis / E.dunnii, Acacia mangium, Natural Hardwood – Sustainably managed regrowth forests hardwood and Plantation Softwood – P.carribea/P.elliotii ).
      • Exported to Japan since 1986
      • Exported to China 2003 – 2006 and since 2011
      • Sales of FSC and PEFC certified products
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      Woodchip parameters

      Specifications for Plantation Hardwood, Native Hardwood and Plantation Softwood.

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      Contact Midway for more information on log and woodfibre supply.