South West Fibre Stakeholder Consultations

South West Fibre Pty Ltd – FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 Stakeholder Consultations

South West Fibre Pty Ltd is commencing stakeholder consultations regarding the management of high conservation values (HCV) associated with its plantation wood supply and procurement activities.

We invite stakeholders that are involved with or have an interest in forest activities associated with our wood supply to offer comment or feedback in relation to:

• High Conservation Values (HCV) identification and protection, including biodiversity, soil and water values, cultural and heritage values

• controlled wood verification processes,

• control measures applied to protect HCVs

A public briefing notice and links to relevant documentation is provided here. Stakeholders are invited to give comment/feedback by 30th June 2018. Stakeholders should use the stakeholder consultation form, and send to